Monday, October 28, 2013


By Lekha, age 11.

Halloween. Scary costumes and candy.  There are tons of candy choices at the store that it's a chore to pick.  What will you buy? I'll make it easy for you: Mounds.

I won't go on an on about the obvious, how Mounds are the best candy in the world, but I'll tell you why.  Mounds are the most delicious, mouth-filling, sweet, chocolaty candy in the universe!  Everyone loves Mounds.  There are different flavors like: milk chocolate and white chocolate, but I personally think the dark chocolate ones are the best.  Dark chocolate is very healthy, and these types of Mounds are filled with coconut which adds a sweetly unique touch of flavor. 

If you are an adult, go ahead and treat yourself to the rich, creamy chocolate!  If you are a kid, go to your parents right now and beg them for Mounds or money to buy them.  They make the best snacks.

Again, everyone enjoys Mounds.  Although I would recommend them to children mostly. Mounds are the perfect Halloween candy to give out.  The moment you drop the lovable treats into their bags, their impatient faces will melt into smiles at the deliciously tempting candy.

So in my opinion, as you already know, Mounds are the most fabulous, mouth-watering, tasty, craving pick. If you don't believe me, go ahead!  I know this very well.  That Mounds are the ultimate Halloween treat!


Irene Philips said...

Thanks Lekha for sharing this! I too like Mounds. Look forward to reading more of your writing - Aunty Irene

Lekha said...

Thank you Aunty Irene. Mounds of love. Lekha.