Tuesday, June 14, 2016

My Son, My Very Own Canadian for Clinton

Son, for the millionth time: Why can't we donate to Hillary Clinton's campaign? Please?

Dad, for the 999,999th time: We can't! We are foreign nationals. We don't want to put Hillary in trouble, remember? Even a cent from three insignificant Canadians will spell trouble for her. Besides, you are just 10 years old!

Son, crestfallen: Ummm, why are they so unfair?

Mom: OK, buddy, I'll buy a 'Hillary for President' bumper sticker, OK?

Son: Oh, and can we also buy lawn signs?

Dad: OK, we'll do that.
[Silence, blessed silence, for a few, fleeting moments]

Then a light goes off in son's head: Can my sisters contribute to Hillary's campaign? They were born here.

Dad: Oh no, this guy has found a loophole now!