Friday, June 7, 2013

A new koan for our facebook age

Our new universe
The facebook universe
Brand new koans.
Here are a few
To ask our friends
At our next
(Facebooked) dinner party.

Does our fried calamari
Not exist
If picture not flashed?
Have we really, truly eaten
If we dine, in full obscurity,
At Olive Garden?

If we shop at
Schaumburg Mall
After announcing the fact,
Do we have
To pay the store?
Should not we be paid
For advertising?

If we believe
That we are
The Perfect Family
It wouldn't mean anything, would it,
The endorsement
Of our dear facebook friends?

If our happiness
With each 'Like' received,
Are we reduced to
'Zero' happy state
Without a respectable
Status update?

And what about the corollary?
Does our sadness
Not take a shape or form
If we give it
No facebook life?
Can this be true?
Can this be the promise
Of a new Zen way?