Friday, March 8, 2013

Hidden Universes

A universe
Explodes inside me
(Not unlike the real Big Bang)
Each time I stumble
Onto music
From my teens.
How is it
That neither my Zambian-assembled husband
Nor my "half-Indian" kids
(the other half is "Canadian" or "American" as the case may be;
so says a 6-year old)
Nor even my sis-from-another-gen
Notice this world,
This oh-so-real-that-it-is-painful world
Hidden well
Inside me?
And so I come to ask
My peers
Does your universe
Explode too
Into millions of unexpressed moments
Occupying spaces that you didn't know existed
With every song, tune, beat
From our past?
Do you stop and wonder
'Who am I? What am I doing here?
Where is the world
That once used to be mine?'

Kodai kaala kaatre