Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wanted: More irreverence for Bachchans and their beatified bahu

Manish of Ultrabrown triggered this post by putting up a link to this -- hallelujah! -- glory. (See images 81129802, 81128887, 81128879, 81129935, 81130033.) Bookoholic's comment reminded me that I like to rail against mindless unfairness meted out to aging women who are way past their own glorious youth.

Hasn't the pretentious Bachchan family watched enough Jane Austen adaptations on TV to figure out that the older woman, however wrinkled and washed up she may look next to TM_Worshipped_Bahu_ITW, deserves a gentleman's arm to lead the way so the entire party can present itself in as regal and dignified a style and manner as possible?

I believe that Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan was/is the only true actor in the family; so it pains me to conclude that she looks the most uncomfortable in this meat 'film fest' display. Outlook India's words after Cannes 2007: "he looked awkwardly tremulous, while she struck extravagant poses". [Link] 'He' stands for Bachchan Jr ('she', of course, is god's personal answer to India's prayer). Much has changed apparently in one year's time for the most junior member of the family. Before Cannes' red carpet rolls around again in 2009, I am sure a makeover will be forced upon that member of the family whose initials are not AB. Sigh!

We need more irreverent comedians/humorists and bloggers in the subcontinent and its diaspora so we can get a few more laughs at the expense of these exaggerated versions of bollybrities and their fans. Here is a start.

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